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Friday, 30 October 2015

Last day of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour

It's been quite a ride this week. The best part was being introduced to some wonderful new authors and of course, books to read.
Today is also the last chance to enter my giveaway
You could win the Entire Guardians of The Light series.
I'm giving away the first three books (in paperback format) in The Guardians of The Light series. The Winner will be picked at random. Plus EVERY tenth person who signs up to my mailing list will receive Infinite Spring in e-book format, the fiftieth will receive Infinite Spring and Eternal Summer, and t...he hundredth sign up will win the whole series in ebook format.
Everyone else can download the first book in the series, Endless Winter, for free today

To be in with a chance to win, join the mailing list here

Today I'm giving you a sneaky peak at the book I'm currently writing.

Here is my computer at the playgym (complete with daughter in the background) I managed 3000 words yesterday in the midst of mayhem and madness.
Here is a tiny snippet of the upcoming book Becoming Aethelu. It is a prequel to the Guardians of The Light series and is written in the voice of Aethelu herself in the year 1322

“Can you draw?”
“I don’t know. I have never tried.”
“Hmmm.” He looked thoughtful. He produced a piece of parchment and a quill with a bottle of ink.
“Draw something.”
“What shall I draw?” I asked. I had never before drawn anything in my life.
“Draw something of beauty. A flower perhaps.
A thing of beauty. The first thing that came to mind was the Lady. I had never seen any flower as beautiful as she. I closed my eyes and pictured her in my mind. I could see her perfectly. Creamy skin with almond shaped golden eyes.
I picked up the quill and copied the image from my mind. I was surprised how easy it was, but I knew her face so well. I had pictured it in my mind often.
Within ten minutes I had finished a sketched portrait. I showed it to The Priest.
His eyes lit up when he saw it.
“Marvellous. Unbelievable. The likeness is uncanny. God has truly given you a gift.”
“You like it? Really?”
“Come with me.”
I was surprised. Never before had The Priest asked me to follow him...

I'm hoping to have Becoming Aethelu ready in time for Christmas. I'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, here are the last day blogs of the other authors.

Marilyn Vix website:

  • Kessie Carroll Website:

  • Thursday, 29 October 2015

    Paranormal Romance Blog Tour day four

    I was lucky enough to be able to interview Sara C Roethle
    For all of her books, check out her amazon author page.
    1) Your book made me late for work as I got so caught up in it and forgot to check the time. Do you have a favourite book that you just fall into and feel that you are there?

    Sorry for making you late, but that's lovely to hear! I'm a big Wheel of Time fan (Robert Jordan), and I get sucked into those all of the time. I'm a repeat reader, so I like it when I can pick up a book and flip to a random chapter, then get sucked in like I would with a movie. 

    2) I think I should pay Tori Amos commission as I listened to her music throughout the writing of Guardians of The Light. What music helps you to write or do you prefer to write in silence?

    I almost always write in silence, unless I'm on a major roll. If the words are really flowing music will spur me on, but if I'm struggling it becomes distracting. On the occasions I do listen to music, it's often old school Alanis Morrisette. 

    3) Without giving too much away from your book, Maddy has a unique ability. What was it that made you think of this and do you have any amazing abilities/talents (apart from writing of course)

    I've always been intrigued by the idea of more subtle magics, and I think a lot of real life people could sympathize with Maddy's gift (which is often more of a curse). I love writing about the supernatural, but I wanted something that was less in your face, summoning lightning and shooting fireballs through the air, and more innate and subtle. My main talent lies in being an extremely hyperfocused individual, haha. If I set my mind to something, I will obsessively work on it until I reach my goal, which ties into novel writing quite well. 

    4) What is next for you and what advice would you give to new authors?

    I believe the quote is, "Don't wait for inspiration. Chase it down with a club,"(Hemingway). I try to live by this philosophy. If you just sit down and write, no matter how you're feeling, the words will come eventually. Though writing is about creativity, writing as a career is about forming habits. Write every day. No excuses. 

    As for what's next for me, to keep on writing of course! I'm preparing to publish the sixth book in my YA series within the next few weeks, and I'm really excited about it. After that, I'll continue working on the next book in my Bitter Ashes series, as well as the second book in my Tree of Ages series. I also want to venture into audiobooks in the near future.
    Thanks Sara!
    For more great author interview posts, visit the other participating authors in the blog tour.
    • Marilyn Vix Website


    Wednesday, 28 October 2015

    Paranormal Romance Blog Tour day 3

    One of the best parts of being a writer is the chance to interact with other authors.
    This week has been wonderful for me, I've had the chance to see other Paranormal Romance authors blogs and look at their books.
    It gives me great pleasure to pass on a review of one of those books now.
    The Author is Sara C Roethle and the book I am reviewing is the first in her Bitter Ashes series, Truth or Death.
    Sara's blog is here
    and you can buy Truth or Death here
    The first book in the Bitter Ashes series, Truth or Death, begins a tale like no other I've ever read. Introducing captivating characters from a mythology that hasn't been over-written about (Vampires anyone?) These are not Vampires, they are the Vaettir from Norse mythology. The story starts with Madeline Ville (Maddy) being taken from her bed to a place that she doesn't understand. A place filled with both unimaginable horror and a part of her history that she is yet to find out. Mysterious people from her past and linked to her future inhabit the house, leaving her in a turmoil as she fights to find out the truth of who she really is. This first book will leave you both unable to put it down and wanting more
    Just one word of warning if you do buy this book - You'll be hooked, You'll not be able to resist buying the next in the series!
    Tomorrow I'll be interviewing Sara so come back again.
    For other book reviews, check out the other author pages.
  • Marilyn Vix Website/Blog:

  • Happy reading everyone.

    Tuesday, 27 October 2015

    Paranormal Romance Tour Blog - Day two

    Welcome to day two of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour.

    I hope you enjoyed having a look at all the great discounted books, competitions and offers that were introduced yesterday. At the end of this post I'll, once again, post a link to the other Paranormal Romance authors.

    Today we will all be writing a sneak peek of our lives as writers. I always think of authors as living these romantic but sheltered lives, sat at an old fashioned typewriter, next to a bay window overlooking the ocean. Maybe a glass of wine sits next to the typewriter, the author waiting until the end of the chapter to take a sip. A cigarette burns untouched in an ashtray, filling the air with smoke.


    That's not it at all. Not for me anyway. I'm currently sat in bed on my purple laptop writing this. 'Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on' has just come on my playlist. My partner has very kindly volunteered to get the kids dressed so I could catch a few moments to write to you. Once I've finished this, I'll be taking them to the cinema because it's half term.

    See - just an ordinary life. How I started writing though, that was not ordinary.
    It started with a baby.

    A few years ago I decided to become a surrogate. Why? I'm not sure. I think it came from the same part of my mind that also said "Let's skydive," or "Climbing Kilimanjaro sounds like fun!"
    I just seem to have this need to do crazy things. I justify it by telling myself ' a life is to be lived or it's not worth living at all.' Haha. It's probably insanity!
    Anyway, I'd had my kids, my family was complete and I was really happy. I began to think of those women who couldn't have what I had. Healthy happy children.
    I researched becoming a surrogate online and eventually met a wonderful, wonderful woman. She had tried IVF to have her own kids and it had failed many times. Her doctors had told her that it was just not going to happen for her. she should look at other methods. Adoption, maybe or surrogacy.
    She found me. We clicked. She lived a four hour train journey away from me, but when I met her and her husband, I just loved them both. They met my children and were great with them. They were a mother and father in waiting. They just didn't have a child.
    We spent a whole year getting to know each other. I'd travel to London often to see them. I also had to have lots of tests, psychological as well as physical at a London IVF clinic. It was on one of the trips to London, on the train, that I conceived of the idea of Endless Winter. (The surrogate baby was conceived not long after!)
    I began thinking how strange it was to have a baby for a reason other than to be a mother. I wasn't going to be a mother to this child, but I was going to carry him for the first 9 months of his life.
    I then began to ponder other reasons for having a child. What if you had to have a baby for the sake of humanity. a baby that was only ever conceived to save the world. Thus Endless Winter was born.
    I published it in January 2014 when I was four months pregnant with the surrogate baby. By the time book two was finished he was born.
    He was given straight to his mother and I didn't get to hold him, but that was how it was meant to be. Just looking at his mothers eyes, and how emotional and overwhelmed and grateful she was to be holding this much longed for and waited for little boy. It made everything worth it.
    It was the most wonderful experience of my whole life. I did get a cuddle the next day just before he went home to London.
    I don't see him very often but he, along with his parents will always hold a special place in my heart. He was the inspiration for the whole Guardians of The Light books and Endless Winter is dedicated to his mother. I won't say why, but, whilst it may seem that it was me giving her the best gift, in many ways, it was her that gave me the greater gift.   

    I hope you enjoy Endless Winter - It is currently free here
    When you read it, just know that there is a little boy out there who started the whole story!

    If you want to know how the other authors write, check out their blogs here. (Maybe they do have an old fashioned typewriter, a glass of wine and a view of the ocean!)

    Marilyn Vix Website/Blog:
     Kessie Carroll Website:
     Sara C. Roethle Website:
     Ani Gonzalez Website:
    And please come back tomorrow where I'll be reviewing one of their books (I won't say who just yet - you'll have to wait and see, but I'll tell you now - It was a great book!)
    Happy reading

    Monday, 26 October 2015

    Paranormal Romance Blog Tour day 1

    I'm very excited to begin the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour. I'll be holding a week of fantastic book deals, giveaways, interviews and book reviews.

    So first a warm welcome to our participating authors. You can find their blogs/websites here.
    1)   Marilyn Vix Website/Blog:
    2)   Kessie Carroll Website:
    3)   Sara C. Roethle Website:
    4)   Ani Gonzalez Website:
    Please visit each day to discover, new books, enter competitions and be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes.

    Let's begin the fun right now with some awesome giveaways. Here are the links for each author.
    1) Marilyn Vix’s Giveaway:
    2) Sara Roethle’s Giveaway:
    3) Kessie Carroll’s Giveaway:
    4) Ani Gonzalez’s Giveaway:

    I will also be giving away free books all week. Endless Winter is free all week at Amazon. You can get it here
    If you enjoy that, you can also get the next book in the Guardians of The Light series,... Infinite Spring, for FREE just by signing up to my mailing list here.

    Other book discounts on offer

    Beware of Warlocks Box Set Discount on Smashwords
    Smashwords Link:
    Coupon Code: TA42V
    Books by Ani Gonzalez $0.99 discount Oct. 29-30
    That's a lot of treats for Halloween week, and we are only just beginning.
    Come back for reviews and interviews and have a fun week!

    Friday, 23 October 2015


    It's giveaway time!
    This week I'll be taking part in the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour. To celebrate I'm giving away the first three books (in paperback format) in The Guardians of The Light series. The Winner will be picked at random. Plus EVERY tenth person who signs up to my mailing list will receive Infinite Spring in e-book format, the fiftieth will receive Infinite Spring and Eternal Summer, and the hundredth sign up will win the whole series in ebook format.
    Everyone else can download the first book in the series, Endless Winter, for free for the next five days (starting Sat 23rd Oct)

    Good luck and keep coming back as I have a lot more going on over the next few days

    To be in with a chance to win, join the mailing list here

    Wednesday, 7 October 2015

    Eternal Summer

    When it happened, there was nothing. No light at the end of the tunnel, no out of body experience. There was no sound or colour. No dreams, nothing. Just an endless blackness that stretched on in all directions. Time had no meaning and so when Anais finally felt something, she had no way of knowing how long it had been since she had been awake. It was still dark, but now she felt a slight pressure in her hand, a tingle, a shiver of electricity. It was Aethelu. She couldn’t see her but she instinctively knew she was there and had always been.

    Eternal Summer

    Saturday, 3 October 2015

    Prequel to The Guardians of The Light - Becoming Aethelu Chapter 1

    Coming soon...

    Becoming Aethelu (The fourteenth century diary of Mary Hyde)

    If you’ve ever read the Guardians of The Light books, you’ll know how my life ended up but do you know how it started? I wasn’t always Aethelu. I began life as plain old Mary Hyde, the fifth child of Winnifred and Thomas Hyde. I was born in 1322 in a small Yorkshire village. My father already had the beginnings of a reputation as a great healer and because of this, we lived in a better house than most of our neighbours. A couple of years before I was born, A local lords wife had given birth and almost died along with the baby but my father had managed to save both of their lives. The Lord had been so grateful that he’d given my father some land and built a house which was given to us.

    Compared to today’s standards it was nothing more than a hut but it had three bedrooms, a main room with a kitchen area and a small parcel of land around it. Apart from the Lord, we were the first people in the village to have glass windows. You could say we lived privileged lives. We didn’t have to farm the Lords land and anything we did manage to grow on our land belonged to us. Most of the land was taken up with Daddy’s medicinal herbs and flowers which he used to concoct his potions.

    As a child, I was in charge of bringing my father whichever herb he may need. I knew that garden like the back of my hand and could tell you the name of every plant in there. I used to love running through the fragrant bushes and picking the leaves for my Dads medicines. My mother also had a small part of the land which she used to grow vegetables. No matter how much my Mama tried, she could not garner the same interest in me for vegetables as I had for the herbs. Who wanted to pull up carrots when there was the smell of lavender and rosemary and a hundred other plants which, when put together in the right quantities, could almost perform magic?  We also kept livestock. We had a small field with perhaps a dozen sheep, a couple of cows and a pig called Matilda. She was given to us so we could feed her up and slaughter her for meat but she kept escaping into our front yard which made our Father laugh so she became our pet.

    From a very young age, I was expected to go to the Lords manor once a week to learn to read and write. I hated having to go there, not because of the reading which I adored but because of the Lords son who also had lessons with me. He considered me beneath him and would not pass up any opportunity to remind me that he was a Lord and I was nothing more than a villein or pauper. I reminded him on more than a dozen occasions that if it hadn’t been for my pauper father, both he and his mother would have died but he just laughed so eventually I gave up and tried to ignore him as much as possible. I wouldn’t have gone at all if it were not for my father insisting upon it. He said that education was a real privilege and I was lucky to have any at all. I knew it was true, no one else in my village could read or write except for the local priest who taught myself and William, the Lords son and my father. When William was old enough to learn to read and write, the Lord offered my father the chance for his children to attend the same lessons. My eldest brother Robert (Who you will know as August) and my sister Emma (Who would become Arcadia) were considered too old and my youngest sister Anna was too young. That left my older twin brothers, Robin and Seth (Alex and Rafe) and myself. Every Saturday we would head to the Lords house but more often than not, the twins would run off, preferring to spend the day climbing trees or getting into some other bother. My father was very angry at their non-attendance but with his hands full healing the sick, he had no time to follow the twins and any punishment he doled out fell on deaf ears. It wasn’t long until it was just myself and William attending the lessons. We were taught to read and write in Latin first and then eventually in English. William hated Latin and spent most of every lesson complaining about it. I, on the other hand loved the sound of the words. Daddy used Latin a lot in his potions and it wasn’t long before I knew the Latin name for all the plants in the garden.

    Here is my diary for the year 1336...
    To read the Guardians of The Light series first start here